What Is The Difference Between Basic And Progressive Spy Apps

Spy Apps

It is very important for parents to know how their kid behaves away from home. Today, it is a real challenge. People spend too much time outdoors. Parents always want to know where exactly the kids are.

Children today are also very technology-addicted. They spend too much time online. They can exchange any type of content. That is why parents are advised to track their child’s activity online.

Basic Tracking Software Features

What Tracking Software Features
Basic Tracking Software Features

To ensure security of kids, IT industry developed great spying applications. There are many of them available online. However, not all of them boast convenient functionality. Here are the features that basic tracking software has:

  • Location tracking. It is a very basic and very useful function of a spy program. A parent can always get to know where exactly a kid is. Some apps can track only close-by places. So, if your kid goes far from home, it is better to buy a more advanced version of a tracking software.
  • Incoming and outcoming calls report. For a parent it is very important to know with whom a child communicates. It is easy to track this information with the help of a basic spy software. Parents can get a full report about calls directly on their cell phones.
  • Text messages received and sent. Teenagers today like to exchange messages. Parents can easily track those with the help of software. They can see who communicates with their kid. It is a very important function.

These are the functions that basic software provides. This type of programs is usually offered free of charge. If a user would like a more advanced version, he has to pay moderate money.

Characteristics of progressive spy software

spy software
Characteristics of progressive spy software

If clients are able to pay for tracking service, they can get very good tracking program. Here are the functions they can benefit from:

  • Calls recording. It is a very useful function to use. Often children exchange important information when communicating on a phone. That is why it is crucial to keep a track of all the conversations that your child has.
  • Messages recording. It is also a very valuable function. If your kid deletes messages, you will still be able to access them. Each message will be saved as a reserve copy. You will get all bulk of messages from your kid’s to your phone.
  • Parental control. It is an excellent feature that every phone should have. Parents can control what type of content a child can access online. They can simply block the websites that contain inappropriate content. They can also limit the time a kid spends online. It is an excellent function to use.

These are the features that the most progressive spy apps have. Take advantage of them and take a greater control over the life of your child. It will help you to bring up a child better.

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