TOP 10 Phone Tracker Apps

Mobile tracking applications are definitely important instruments in today’s world. They allow to monitor activity of the most sensitive group of population. Children and teengares need continous monitoring.

For parents it is crucial to know what their child does. Today the world has quite lots of violence. Mobile tracking app can help to prevent troubles. That is why spying software is worth paying for it.

The best apps to choose from

There are many tracking applications available on market. However, not all of them are characterized by advanced functionality. Here are the very best tracking programs you can download:

The Truth spy

It is one of the best programs on the market. This software has many functions. It helps to monitor all types of content. Parents can get a track of kids’ video calls, messages, multimedia content, chats in social networks. This list shows that an adult can keep a track of almost all type of content a child creates, sends and reads online.


It is the app that has the best geolocation system available. If you would like to know where your kid is this software is the right one for you. It also allows to track mobile calls and text messages. This tracker also provides access to events calendar of your kid. So, you will know for sure what type of activity your kid plans for today or for tomorrow.


It is one of the most innovative apps on the market. It has the most modern features a tracking program can have. It is offered for users for very small price.

Spy bubble

It is quite a decent application parents can use. It has the full range of tracking features. One of the main strengths of it is that you can block your kid’s phone with this type of software. You can also remotely manage your child’s preferences online. You can monitor what type of content he searches for online.


top spy app

This is one of the best apps ever. It has very powerful signal when it comes to geolocation. It uses many types of signals to detect a phone. That is why the signal sent by it is one of the most precise possible.


Additionally to classic features every tracker has, this type of software also gives a possibility of anti-theft protection. The only minus of this software is that it is not offered for a free trial period. Therefore, a client has to purchase it without trying it first.

Phone sheriff

This is a very efficient app when it comes to information tracking. It allows to detect different types of content easily. It also helps to monitor messages, video calls and multimedia downloaded. This app has excellent geolocation feature. It helps to detect precisely where a phone is.

Hipster mobile

This is quite a good software to track content on your child’s computer. It allows to read your kid’s messages and chats. But, it lacks the function of parental control. So parents cannot verify which type of websites their child surfs online.


It is quite an efficient app. It gives an access to the whole range of social media apps. You can monitor that content your kid exchanges in Facebook, Viber or Whatsapp.


These are to 10 best tracking application. Choose one of them and keep a track of what your kid does. It will greatly facilitate your life.

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